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What is Auburn’s history with new SEC members Texas, Oklahoma?

Auburn Source Staff

Jun 28, 2024

The Auburn Tigers football team will soon have two new conference rivals as the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns are set to join the SEC in 2024. The additions of the two universities to the SEC gives the conference a whopping 16 members, making it the largest conference in Division I college football. The move is set off another round of realignment as the other conferences and schools continue to scramble and try to find the best situation for them. 

If history has anything to do with the future, the Auburn Tigers might not welcome either team since fumbling losses show only three wins in seven tries against the two newcomers. Here is how Auburn has fared against the Sooners and Longhorns historically. 

Against the Oklahoma Sooners:

Record: 0-2

Auburn has only played Oklahoma twice and both have come in the Sugar Bowl. Their most recent game was in 2017 when Auburn fell 35-19. Auburn's 19 points came late against the Sooner's second and third string team. It was not a good showing of Auburn football.

Auburn quarterback Sean White reportedly broke his arm in the first drive and while he stayed in the game, the Auburn offense was never able to get going.

The Sooners also cruised to an easy victory in 1972 beating Auburn 40-22.

Auburn will look to even the series when the Sooners join the conference as they are one of just two Power 5 programs Auburn has never beaten.

Against the Texas Longhorns:

Record: 3-5

Auburn and Texas have faced off far more frequently but have not played since 1991, when Auburn edged out a 14-10 victory in Austin.

The two programs first met in 1910 when Auburn travelled to Austin and lost 9-0. The Longhorns won five of the first six games with Auburn winning the 1974 Gator Bowl 27-3.

Auburn’s win in 1991 was the second in a row and the Tigers will look to keep the streak alive when they next meet.

Hopefully the future will serve Auburn well against the Sooners and Longhorns. Coach Hugh Freeze seems to have Auburn headed in the right direction with a much stronger, deeper, and faster team to compete against the two former Big 12 opponents.

War Eagle!

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