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Each season, Auburn Source will post three hot topics that we open up to all of our visitors for comments.  At the bottom of the topics is a way for you to comment yourself.  All comments will be posted and you do NOT have to be registered user of AuburnSource.  However, please adhere to our posting policies that include, but is not limited to: no cussing, no name calling, no threats, and general disrespect to others.  Feel free to comment on other posters comments.  All comments will have your first name and last initial posted and the city you live in. 

Former Auburn Football coach Gus Malzahn
Auburn Football game day
Auburn football player
Offensive Genius or Not?

A simple question: Is Coach Gus Malzahn an offensive genius?  With proven stats at Arkansas, Tulsa, Ark State, and now Auburn, Coach Malzahn has shown flashes of being brilliant...or, was it just great players executing a fast paced offense.  This year, with all the hype on AU, Malzahn is proving his strategy is either being figured out by opposing defenses, can't coach up the players Auburn has, or has simply lost his touch.  AU Soundoff says...

Social Media at Games?

We are amazed at the number of pictures, comments, and videos posted on the Internet after each Auburn game.  Is this good or bad for the game?  Why or why not?  Many coaches, players, and teams have been exposed in many ways - situations that should have never left the sidelines.  Is this a good thing or bad thing?  AU Soundoff says...

Greatest Auburn Games?

Auburn Source staff put together their list of Auburn Tiger Football greatest games of all time.  This top 10 list (found on the home page) was based on every criteria we could find from the second the games were over...from meaning of the game, comebacks, to just pure grit and grind from start to finish.  We would love to hear your feedback on whether we are dead on or off!   AU Soundoff says...

Definitely not an offensive genius but a good football coach.  Our players have underachieved to say the least.  Not always the coaches fault.    -  Steve H, Huntsville

I'm sick of Auburn hiring offensive minded coaches.  Look at the Dye years.  We won on defense, being physical, and simply intimidating opposing offenses.  Hiring ex-high school coaches does not cut it in my opinion.   Tim S. - Decatur

Clueless.  We have been to the national championship game twice in six seasons. Count your blessings.  WDE    Matt M. - Charlotte

Social media is out of control but it is only going to get much worse.  Too many things get blown up or out of proportion with social media.  The kids have fun with it but overall, it is too much information.  The best thing about social media is you can turn it off!   John H. - Greenville, AL  

For the most part I think the list is right.  Personally I would put the 2010 Iron Bowl as the number one game since it meant so much.  We don't put that incredible comeback together, no national championship.    Shelia B. - Foley, AL

There are so many great games in and out of Jordan-Hare that is very hard to put a top 10 together without creating a huge debate.  Depending on your age/generation, I think the Punt Bama Punt game is about as good as you can get but being in the early 70's most Auburn fans simply don't remember it!   War Eagle.    John S. - Atlanta, GA

Everybody needs to shut up about Malzahn and support him.  He's not going anywhere and with Dr. Leath's recent endorsement with another extension and raise at the end of 2017-2018 season, says just that!  He is good for Auburn in my opinion.  All Auburn fans want him to be better than Saban.  That's just not going to happen.   -  Bryan T. - Gadsden, AL

The stadium is there to watch the game and it is getting more and more difficult to see the game with all the cell phones popping up in front of you to capture a play(s), player, or something on the jumbotron.  Social media everywhere is out of control and has turned into a competition in itself on who can capture what and post it the fastest.  More importantly, all the social media posters clog up the bandwidth in and around the stadium.  Ugh!   - Paul D.,   Opelika AL

Bryan T. -  What?! If the hiring committees, personnel, and AD consistently give Malzahn more money and extension every other year, it handicaps Auburn in who they can hire in the future to a certain extent.  Also, Auburn leadership has never possessed accountability.  The Trustees supposed to tbe this checks and balances but they are all political and lean where ever the President leans.  "Being good for Auburn" does not win games.  See Tuberville for proof.    -  Bo S.,  Tallassee, AL

Every Auburn home game is the greatest game in my opinion.   Yes, winning the home games is more fun but Auburn's game day experience is like no other and I've always walked away exhausted from a day of absolute fun with the Auburn family.     JoAnn S. - Chicago

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